Cottage cheese with spinach gravy

Popularly called palak paneer in India, it’s an extremely tasty dish and very healthy. Spinach or palak is good source of protein, iron, calcium where as cottage cheese is a good source of protein and calcium. This dish is very versatile and can be relished at any point of the day. So what Is palakContinue reading “Cottage cheese with spinach gravy”

Dutch chocolate cake – a perfect cake for celebration.

Okey so this is not what I generally post but I felt like posting about food too. I curate recipes. I love backing and cooking they add up to my passions. So with out any further ado let’s get backing. So today I am going to share my first ever recipe which is my personalContinue reading “Dutch chocolate cake – a perfect cake for celebration.”

Mental health, why is it important

Mental health is most likely to be negated by the society. Talking about mental health is often considered to be a weakness and when you try explaining people who are not aware of trauma, anxiety, panic attacks this might sound bizzar to them. There is a difference between being sad and being depressed, both ofContinue reading “Mental health, why is it important”

Broken but beautiful

The line ”broken but beautiful” is a very strong line. What’s shattered into a million pieces is exquisitely beautiful. The pattern to rejoining and re-framing is extremity powerful. Some times we are so shattered that we pretend to live, pretend to stay happy and even pretend to forget. Chances are we also feel, we areContinue reading “Broken but beautiful”


I am addressing this with a very heavy heart, i formerly apologize if my writing is not chronologically framed , because i am all over the place now. Yesterday, I came across a news. In India, Kerala a pregnant elephant was fed a pineapple filled with crackers!! can anyone imagine how painful it would beContinue reading “ANIMALS LIFE DO MATTER , CHIVALRY SHALL NERVE MANIFEST…..”

A piece of my heart

Let’s meet again, once again, I did swear, I won’t whisper you mine own, Romeo but a bewildering stranger, Lost in the copse , of my deceased soul. I surmise you the night we met, I languorously looked at you, Your sparkling eyes, messy hair, And that nonchalant grin. It was a proper meet upContinue reading “A piece of my heart”

Masculine and Feminine Ways Of Expression

Ways of expression , they differ from person to person because psychologically every individual is different. Yes that’s absolutely true every individual has their own way of expression and naturally women are considered to be more expressive than men. Society being unambiguous and rigid has categorized men to be masculine and women to be feminineContinue reading “Masculine and Feminine Ways Of Expression”


What if the person chasing all the wrong things and wrong relationships finally realize…….. There is nothing more scary than karma repeating it’s self ……. the history which finds comfort in re-scripting it’s self The time (or) the infinity loop will coincide and then it pays back…… And then a never ending imprecation or aContinue reading “KARMA ;”

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