How to Overcome Job Interview Anxiety

Dear anxiety , You are a vicious circle, all you do is trap me in , i can’t expose you because i fear you would take a human form and vandalize me. Your are my punisher and i am your captor. Your my tormentor and torture. I don’t remember our first encounter, there was never a proper description about you, you were an uninvited guest who appeared form no where to play with my emotional health. You are a monster. You always told me i was not good enough, never gave me an opportunity to love my self , i always made it a point to highlight my imperfections always thought i was ugly and and was too fat , never have i ever given my self a chance to embrace my self , why did not i ? Because you have set some boundaries which i thought were true. I always felt conscious about the way i looked and what others thought about me. Don’t you think you should take the blame, the blame of wasting my years , not giving me the confidence to love my self . You were controlling me , intuitively i was always considering your opinion to be more veracious than mine! WOW look how strapping you are, enough to make a person feel inferior. For me you were even worse , you took away my self respect and gave me depression . Could you more pathetic than this? You had me, congratulations! want to how i felt my soul cracked, i burnt my self in pain , until my pain goes out in light and my nerves dead , just like it should be or you wanted it to be. I don’t know why i listened to you , you had the authority to force me down on to my knees and beg for sanity. I screamed as loudly as i could i could feel you crawling up my throat , stealing my voice burning my hair into ashes , cascading out my eyes, eating up my body , turning bones into dust , you screwed me. But the chaos was me in head and the voice was not heard out, there were days i thought this was not real , i was hoping that this was not real but you being a demon bought me back to my sad reality. YOU SUCK!

yours truly, one of your victim.

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I suffered with panic attacks , sleep paralysis and anxiety attacks. Probably every thing i could suffer , which further took a toll on my mental health . Completely i was under all theses , i never knew what to do and how to react when i was suffering with anxiety. Was too nevi to open up. Mental health of an individual must be prioritized at all costs because when feelings and emotions are not taken seriously chances are the individual takes wrong steps.

Firstly what is anxiety , its the way our body reacts or responds to stress. It is a feeling of fear or uneasiness before a situation takes , person suffering with anxiety always anticipates the worst. Anxiety can be ephemeral or enduring if, you suffer anxiety for more than 6 months then chances are you are suffering anxiety disorder , this has to be clinically addressed.


It’s quite normal to feel anxious about shifting to a new place , get a new job or even giving an examination. This type of anxiety is unpleasant and causes discomfort to an extent. But when you motivate yourself to work hard and push your limits its considered to be normal anxiety , it is a feeling that temporarily comes and goes but does not overpower your daily routine. But in case of anxiety disorder the uneasy feeling continuous to take over your daily routine, it’s an intense feeling , like a shadow that follows you every where.

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Its like inescapable its feels like a trap you can’t escape the only was to win over it is to fall for it once fight it , win over it and return back stronger and braver. Many times anxiety disorder may cause you to stop doing what you like. Anxiety may also encounter as phobias. That means you only feel anxious only when you do something you fear. Phobias are many types some are, acrophobia; fear of heights, hydrophobia; fear of water, arachnophobia; fear of spiders while an individual suffering with a phobia encounters his or fear then they experience height level of anxiety.


As per my knowledge with reference to my past experiences i feel they are closely related, but it’s not a compulsion that they occur at once, but its not unusual for them to occur at the same time. Majority of people who are suffering through anxiety have reported clinical depression or the scenario was vice-versa.

Its necessary to speak to someone when your facing these mental health problems. Speaking to others would help ease the situation and their support would help you get out of it. Its okey to suffer with anxiety, you can get through it and will be out, hold on and believe in the process of resilience.

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