Broken but beautiful

The line ”broken but beautiful” is a very strong line. What’s shattered into a million pieces is exquisitely beautiful. The pattern to rejoining and re-framing is extremity powerful. Some times we are so shattered that we pretend to live, pretend to stay happy and even pretend to forget. Chances are we also feel, we are rebuilt with those million broken pieces of ourselves where we easily lose control and are often bushwacked. But its a fact that memories good or bad stick with us like salt in oceans, INSEPARABLE. I strongly believe that everyone at some point of our lives we feel broken completely devastated, we feel like our heart is shattered into millions of pieces and we feel it’s impossible to fix ourselves.

A part of our life which is extremely devilish is very important. Because joyful memories and a smooth path will teach us nothing, they soothe and comfort us. The actual time we get sculpted by life is when times get tempestuous. We grow as individuals when situations get tougher, and that impacts our lives in the long run. That’s the cycle of life. We fall get up learn from our hard times and tend to retrospect ourselves better than before.

What Happens If Your Crystal Breaks or Fades - AtPerry's Healing ...

There is a technique or a practiced in japan which is called ”kintsugi” it’s a Japanese way to repairing broken pottery with gold. When any piece of pottery is broken its rejoined with gold, and, kintsugi pottery is way expensive than a regular piece of pottery.

Kintsugi: the art of precious scars - LifeGate
this piece of art is extremely beautiful because of its scars, scars which are filled with gold.

The entire idea of this practice is to embrace imperfections and accepting your self. Lets once imagine the beauty of a pottery piece with is completely broken shattered into pieces and rejoined by the art of kintsungi, certainly it would have taken longer to get those pieces attached , but how beautiful would that be.? Ever imagined… Breaking and healing is a process it’s shattering as well as strengthening, its life. It teaches us everything.

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Hi, I am a twenty year old sharing my journey, embracing my thoughts and thriving every day to become a better version of my self. I post about every topic that crosses my mind. I talk about mental health, daily life and also food , yes absolutely I curate recipes and help you to cook some delectable , finger licking food.

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