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Cottage cheese with spinach gravy

Popularly called palak paneer in India, it’s an extremely tasty dish and very healthy. Spinach or palak is good source of protein, iron, calcium where as cottage cheese is a good source of protein and calcium. This dish is very versatile and can be relished at any point of the day.

So what Is palak paneer and why to eat it. Paneer is Indian cottage cheese so if you can’t get panner in your local markets you can add a table spoon of vinegar or lemon juice to milk while it’s on the stove and allow it to curdle. Strain the water from the milk residue and allow it to cool completely. Once cooled down knead the curdled milk into a dough consistency. Be patient with it and keep kneading. Once you form a dough like structure spread it evenly on a plate with a decent amount of thickness, cut them into cubes and voila your home made paneer is ready.

So why to eat palak panner, it’s a healthy addition to a balanced diet it gives you the required amount of protein, calcium and iron. This curry is very rich in it’s flavour. So here is the diversity it can be an extremely rich curry or a very healthy it all depends on how you cook it, here I will give you the healthy recipe and also the richer version simultaneously, if you want to have a cheat meal. Palak paneer is best served with naan, paratha ( wheat tortilla ), or even jeera rice let me know if you want a recipe on jeera rice in the comments.


3 bunches of spinach

150 -200 grams of paneer

Spices 3/4 table spoon each

One large chopped onion

5-7 Cloves of garlic

1/2 table spoon of ginger paste

salt to taste

( If your using ginger garlic paste then reduce garlic cloves )

So here is the detail picture of spices. All of these spices are 3/4 table spoon each except hing it’s just a pinch. If you have hing, you can alter it with a pinch of mustered powder it works roughly the same. Get all your ingredients ready and lets start cooking.


First and fore most step I say don’t skip this, boil your panner this is important because it tenderises the paneer cubes. Just add the paneer to boiling water with a table spoon of oil and boil them for 5-7 minutes.

Add a table spoon of oil if you’re making it rich add 3 table spoons butter, heat the oil and add in spinach, garlic, one onion and it cook till the spinach looses its’s water and reduces in volume. If your going in with the richer version add in cashews.

Once the spinach is cooked let this mixture cool for a while and add it to a food processor and blend them and make a paste out of it , if the consistency is very thick add a splash of water. While your paste is getting ready add a tablespoon of oil (3 table spoons of butter if you’re going for a richer version), in a pan allow it to heat up.

Once the oil is hot add in ginger paste, add some chopped onion (this is optional) and saute them. While the onions are caramelising add in the spices as mentioned in the ingredients and brown the onions. Once the onions are brown add the spinach paste and some water maintaining a semi gravy consistency.

Once the gravy is ready add in the paneer cubes and let it simmer for 5-10 minuets ( here you can add in some fresh cream if you’re going for richer version) and it’s done! Homemade goodness, serve it with roti and enjoy.


Dutch chocolate cake – a perfect cake for celebration.

Okey so this is not what I generally post but I felt like posting about food too. I curate recipes. I love backing and cooking they add up to my passions. So with out any further ado let’s get backing.

So today I am going to share my first ever recipe which is my personal favourite, Dutch chocolate cake. So firstly I prefer calling this cake the dutch chocolate because I use dutch processed coco powder, I simply wanted to heigh light that ingredient making it the star of my dessert .Talking about coco powders there are two categories of it, 100% natural coco powder and the dutch processed one. The major difference between them is that the natural coco powder is more acidic and is lighter in colour where as the dutch processed coco powder is less acidic and darker in colour, the flavours they give out are also different the natural coco powder is lighter and give out a less chocolaty flavour where as the dutch process one is very rich in it’s flavour, giving the best chocolaty flavour. But if you don’t have dutch processed coco powder feel free to use 100% coco, but just name it rich chocolate cake instead of dutch chocolate cake.

So let’s talk about ingredients ;

So all you need are,

1 1/2 cups of all purpose flour

1 cup Dutch processed coco powder

1 1/2 teaspoon of backing powder

1 tea spoon of backing soda

A pinch of salt

1/2 cup hot brewed coffee ( if you don’t have fresh brewed coffee feel free to use instant coffee powder with hot water)

1 cup of any neutral flavoured oil I used sunflower oil , grape seed or vegetable oil would also work, avoid olive oil or peanut oil ( if your using butter use 1 1/4 cups of softened room temperature butter)

1 table spoon vanilla extract, if your using vanilla essence use 1 1/2 table spoon

3 eggs

1 1/2 cup of sugar

1/2 cup of dark chocolate chips or shredded dark chocolate.

Ingredients for the frosting

1 cup of whipping cream ( if you don’t find whipping cream you can use medium fat dairy cream it will work the same)

50 grams of dark chocolate

3 table spoons milk

Gelatine and hot water

Some Oreos to decorate feel free to use as many as you want.

Simple sugar syrup;

5-7 table spoons of sugar

1 cup water

Method of preparation

Set your oven to pre heat at 180 degrees for 20 minutes.

Keep a medium to large size bowl in the refrigerator.

Sift in your dry ingredients 1 1/2 all purpose flour, 1 cup dutch processed coco powder, 1 1/2 tea spoon of baking powder, 1 tea spoon baking soda and a pinch of salt ( if your using salted butter skip the addition of salt), give them a mix and set them aside. Moving on with your wet ingredients add 1 1/2 cup of sugar in a mixing bowl with 1 cup oil and whisk them well, whisking your wet ingredients well is really important because here we incorporate a lot of air into the batter so take you time here. After you mix the sugar and oil mixture well add your eggs, with eggs add one egg at a time and I recommend cracking your eggs in a separate bowl just in case you get a bad egg or an egg shell it’s much easier to deal with such issues when they are cracked separately. After you add in your eggs one at a time you want to whisk the batter really well for at least five minutes , while whisking add in 1/2 cup hot coffee and 1 teaspoon of vanilla extract.

After the wet ingredients are whisked well sift in your dry ingredients into to wet ingredients, so here is the trick I sift my dry ingredients twice to incorporate a lot of air into the batter, its just an additional step you can skip it, it’s totally fine. And at the end add your chocolate chips

After you’re done adding the dry mixture to the wet mixture fold the batter together, remember fold the batter don’t whisk or vigorously mix them, when you whisk them the air you incorporated escapes leaving you a dense cake. Once your batter is ready prep you’re baking tin I used a nine inch one , you may use any mould you have. Grease your tin line it with a parchment paper add in the batter ( if you want to divide your cake batter in to two tins you may do that ) bake the cake at 180 degrees for 30 – 40 minutes. Keep an eye on the cake check it by pocking a tooth pick in the centre if it comes out clean the cake is done. Once done keep them aside to cool down.


Take out the bowl from the refrigerator, add one cup whipping cream and whisk it for good ten to fifteen minutes or until you get stiff peaks. Once done keep It back in the refrigerator. So hears the thing we have to mix chocolate gnash into the whipped cream but I ran out of cream and I tried something experimental and that worked pretty well.

Add 50 grams of dark chocolate to a heavy bottom sauce pan, make sure you’re using a heavy bottom sauce pan because we are putting it directly on the stove and not double boiling it. After you add in the chocolate add 2 -3 table spoons of milk don’t add more we want a sauce consistency not runny consistency. Stir it continuously make sure the flame is on low. After you see the chocolate melting turn off the gas and stir it continuously and you will get a silky sauce out of it, make sure you take it off heat at the right time you don’t want to burn the chocolate. Keep it aside for some time , let it cool down completely. Moving on to gelatine, I am using gelatine here to stabilise the whipped cream. Adding one table spoon of gelatine and two table spoons of hot water mix it continuously, microwave it for 30 sec. Get the whipped cream out , add the hot gelatine don’t let it cool and immediately whisk it a heigh speed gradually add in the chocolate mixture just save some for later and whisk the cream for one last time.


Now going on to the cakes they might have cooled completely. Once you demould the cake layer them, layer them according to your desired thickness but make sure they are at least having 1/2 an inch thickness. Once they are layered put a little amount of whipped cream on the cake base and add your first layer of the cake drizzle sugar syrup generously ( makes sure the cake is moist with refrigerated ) and then add a dollop of whipped cream and spread it with a palette knife ( it makes spreading easier ) repeat the same until the last layer and then frost the entire cake evenly. Add the remaing chocolate sauce on top and spread it giving it a nice rustic look. Pipe the remaining frosting on the the sides with a star tip nozzle you many use any nozzle according to your preference, decorate it with Oreos. You may also use fresh fruit like strawberries, blue berries, or cherries to decorate, you could be all creative with decorating.

And voila your dutch chocolate cake is done. Enjoy…. Happy baking ❤

Mental health, why is it important

Mental health is most likely to be negated by the society. Talking about mental health is often considered to be a weakness and when you try explaining people who are not aware of trauma, anxiety, panic attacks this might sound bizzar to them. There is a difference between being sad and being depressed, both of these can never be compared or can’t be termed similar. People often mistake both of these to be similar.

The Stigma of Depression | Talkspace

Sadness is human emotion there are degrees of sadness, pain and often people find it convenient to communicate and talk to their loved ones about this feeling, this state of mind generally fades away after a certain period. Depression is a mental state of a person, the suffer often finds it’s difficult to expression their feelings, they struggle to communicate with others about their feelings and explain their state of mind. Depression is a mental illness, if left untreated the effects would last a lifetime.

When a person is sad the feeling is very overwhelming and sadness is not chronic its a matter of time until we feel better, when dealing with sadness the person also has moments where he/she feels soothed and comforting. Depression is a whole different feeling when an individual is a victim of this mental state, they never feel comfortable, it effects all aspects of their life. Things which were once soothing, which were a source of happiness to them no longer are the same and mean the same.


Constant feeling of sadness.

Difficulty in sleeping , irregular sleep patterns.

Unwanted guilt , over thinking.

Difficulty in concentrating , often mood swings.

Suicidal thoughts, some times accompanied with actions.

Feeling worthless, loosing interest in things and activities which were once a source of pleasure.

Physical problems which include , body pains, headaches, joint pains.

These are some common symptoms we can see when a person is dealing with depression. These symptoms can also been seen while a person is dealing with sadness but don’t last more than two to three weeks, where as suicidal thoughts are a sigh of depression they do not raise in a person’s mind who is dealing with sadness.

They may pretend to be happy and very dynamic, as such nothing is bothering them, but when they start retrospecting incident due to overthinking it tends to take a disastrous turn giving them anxiety and panic attacks. When having and dealing with anxiety the individual’s mind subconsciously tends to give up on practicality and linear thinking allowing negativity and to take over. When suffering with a panic attack it’s suggested to confront with a person and be vocal about your thoughts, when suffering with a panic attacks a person becomes vulnerable about their condition, emotions and state of mind. It’s important for the other person to understand and support the one dealing with it.


Depression many occur during any age and the reason which causes this mental trauma differs from person to person. Some of the factors which may mentally damage a person’s mental state,

Abusive childhood or tormenting teenage.

Low self-esteem.

Lack of support and boost from friends and family.

Lacking the capability of cooping up with incidents that impacted tremendously in their life.


Let me put it out there, dealing with depression and coming out of it is nothing less than winning a battle. Firstly we have to understand the fact that everyone deals with it in a different way and no two ways of recovering are the same, means which worked for you may not work for the other one. The recovery phase may also vary, one may be healed in a span of a month or two and some one else may take a year or so. Understanding emotional stability and the power of resilience varies from person to person.

These are some things that may help while dealing with depression , anxiety and panic attacks.

Meditation; One of the most underrated method of mental healing is meditation, its a way where you connect with your own self. It helps you boost positivity and heals your soul, mind, and heart.

Travel; Travel to new destinations make plans and take trips, spend time admiring nature ”with positive thoughts”.

Read books; This might sound very cliche but reading books helps you clear you mind as books have the ability to keep you engaged, you get involved in them and may not have time to invite negative thoughts.

Talking to your loved ones; Initially when you have your outbursts its suggested that you talk to your close friends and family whom you feel comfortable sharing. Communication is the vital, because it helps the other person understand how you are exactly feeling.

If you feel nothing is helping , opt for medical help. Go for therapy. You are stronger than you think , you can deal with this and you are not alone.

Broken but beautiful

The line ”broken but beautiful” is a very strong line. What’s shattered into a million pieces is exquisitely beautiful. The pattern to rejoining and re-framing is extremity powerful. Some times we are so shattered that we pretend to live, pretend to stay happy and even pretend to forget. Chances are we also feel, we are rebuilt with those million broken pieces of ourselves where we easily lose control and are often bushwacked. But its a fact that memories good or bad stick with us like salt in oceans, INSEPARABLE. I strongly believe that everyone at some point of our lives we feel broken completely devastated, we feel like our heart is shattered into millions of pieces and we feel it’s impossible to fix ourselves.

A part of our life which is extremely devilish is very important. Because joyful memories and a smooth path will teach us nothing, they soothe and comfort us. The actual time we get sculpted by life is when times get tempestuous. We grow as individuals when situations get tougher, and that impacts our lives in the long run. That’s the cycle of life. We fall get up learn from our hard times and tend to retrospect ourselves better than before.

What Happens If Your Crystal Breaks or Fades - AtPerry's Healing ...

There is a technique or a practiced in japan which is called ”kintsugi” it’s a Japanese way to repairing broken pottery with gold. When any piece of pottery is broken its rejoined with gold, and, kintsugi pottery is way expensive than a regular piece of pottery.

Kintsugi: the art of precious scars - LifeGate
this piece of art is extremely beautiful because of its scars, scars which are filled with gold.

The entire idea of this practice is to embrace imperfections and accepting your self. Lets once imagine the beauty of a pottery piece with is completely broken shattered into pieces and rejoined by the art of kintsungi, certainly it would have taken longer to get those pieces attached , but how beautiful would that be.? Ever imagined… Breaking and healing is a process it’s shattering as well as strengthening, its life. It teaches us everything.


How to Overcome Job Interview Anxiety

Dear anxiety , You are a vicious circle, all you do is trap me in , i can’t expose you because i fear you would take a human form and vandalize me. Your are my punisher and i am your captor. Your my tormentor and torture. I don’t remember our first encounter, there was never a proper description about you, you were an uninvited guest who appeared form no where to play with my emotional health. You are a monster. You always told me i was not good enough, never gave me an opportunity to love my self , i always made it a point to highlight my imperfections always thought i was ugly and and was too fat , never have i ever given my self a chance to embrace my self , why did not i ? Because you have set some boundaries which i thought were true. I always felt conscious about the way i looked and what others thought about me. Don’t you think you should take the blame, the blame of wasting my years , not giving me the confidence to love my self . You were controlling me , intuitively i was always considering your opinion to be more veracious than mine! WOW look how strapping you are, enough to make a person feel inferior. For me you were even worse , you took away my self respect and gave me depression . Could you more pathetic than this? You had me, congratulations! want to how i felt my soul cracked, i burnt my self in pain , until my pain goes out in light and my nerves dead , just like it should be or you wanted it to be. I don’t know why i listened to you , you had the authority to force me down on to my knees and beg for sanity. I screamed as loudly as i could i could feel you crawling up my throat , stealing my voice burning my hair into ashes , cascading out my eyes, eating up my body , turning bones into dust , you screwed me. But the chaos was me in head and the voice was not heard out, there were days i thought this was not real , i was hoping that this was not real but you being a demon bought me back to my sad reality. YOU SUCK!

yours truly, one of your victim.

Anxiety GIF

I suffered with panic attacks , sleep paralysis and anxiety attacks. Probably every thing i could suffer , which further took a toll on my mental health . Completely i was under all theses , i never knew what to do and how to react when i was suffering with anxiety. Was too nevi to open up. Mental health of an individual must be prioritized at all costs because when feelings and emotions are not taken seriously chances are the individual takes wrong steps.

Firstly what is anxiety , its the way our body reacts or responds to stress. It is a feeling of fear or uneasiness before a situation takes , person suffering with anxiety always anticipates the worst. Anxiety can be ephemeral or enduring if, you suffer anxiety for more than 6 months then chances are you are suffering anxiety disorder , this has to be clinically addressed.


It’s quite normal to feel anxious about shifting to a new place , get a new job or even giving an examination. This type of anxiety is unpleasant and causes discomfort to an extent. But when you motivate yourself to work hard and push your limits its considered to be normal anxiety , it is a feeling that temporarily comes and goes but does not overpower your daily routine. But in case of anxiety disorder the uneasy feeling continuous to take over your daily routine, it’s an intense feeling , like a shadow that follows you every where.

digital art GIF by Robert Ek

Its like inescapable its feels like a trap you can’t escape the only was to win over it is to fall for it once fight it , win over it and return back stronger and braver. Many times anxiety disorder may cause you to stop doing what you like. Anxiety may also encounter as phobias. That means you only feel anxious only when you do something you fear. Phobias are many types some are, acrophobia; fear of heights, hydrophobia; fear of water, arachnophobia; fear of spiders while an individual suffering with a phobia encounters his or fear then they experience height level of anxiety.


As per my knowledge with reference to my past experiences i feel they are closely related, but it’s not a compulsion that they occur at once, but its not unusual for them to occur at the same time. Majority of people who are suffering through anxiety have reported clinical depression or the scenario was vice-versa.

Its necessary to speak to someone when your facing these mental health problems. Speaking to others would help ease the situation and their support would help you get out of it. Its okey to suffer with anxiety, you can get through it and will be out, hold on and believe in the process of resilience.

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A piece of my heart

Crumble GIF - Heartbroken Love Sad GIFs

Let’s meet again, once again, I did swear, I won’t whisper you mine own, Romeo but a bewildering stranger, Lost in the copse , of my deceased soul.

I surmise you the night we met, I languorously looked at you, Your sparkling eyes, messy hair, And that nonchalant grin.

It was a proper meet up after two years of parting ways, We encountered and our eyes full of nightmares, With fear of walking away, To the end, brushed again, And I remember the joyous pain that bought, us close again.

I still hear, fear, The cacophony of those ugly silence, That spread around the room, Like rings of fire and the darkness of night.

Let’s breath, For one last time, Let the air feel the effervescence of nostalgia, That runs through my mind, lets live the moment, For one last time……….

Lets talk…..

I really don’t know what to write up because i am lost. Lost with many thoughts , i cant even stress about my mental health getting vandalized over the past year and how hard it for me to coop up and the my tormenting experiences , GOSH.

gif love gifs girl quote life tumblr depressed depression sad ...

I don’t know how many people need to hear to this but things will be okey. You will get better the felling of being rejected , suffering a loved ones departure , the feeling of not being able to fit in box every thing will fade. In this chaotic world where very one is busy leading their lives and making it a point that they are heard , you have to be your own comfort. Because at the end of the day your soul will heal you. Before I take a spin towards my story of how i came out of my grey thoughts , I would like to bring in light one thing , depression is different of everyone the roots cause of it and at which stage is it in right now. The healing process has to be deal differently with every individual with respect to their psychology.

Things were pretty rough from the beginning of the year , had a lot to deal with my health physically and mentally , had my academics on top of me pressurizing. I wanted to push my self to do better. Wanting to do everything and anything making my self ambiguous all these things burdened me up but I was still doing I have to accept. And then came my health issue where i was bed ridden for 5 months , feeling worthless. I was not allowed to walk sitting was a task , painful physiotherapy added up. I was lost in an ocean of negativity felt like a loser, was not attending my collage had to depend on my peers for every thing and my assignments ,their deadlines i could see my self trapped . Life was different those five months were difficult. I recovered finally thought things can get better but I Lost someone very dear to me , they were no more the fact that i could not see them or hear them was devastating . I personally never anticipated their lose may be that’s why i fear death now. It has become one of my greatest fear loosing some one you love the most to death is unrealistic.

That incident has taken a toll on my emotional health every badly , living with that was not easy. Thinking things could not get any worse , I kept moving on and prayed to get better. But my testing period was not yet complete i was bullied at collage , lost friends experienced two faced people which was only theoretically familiar to me . I was broke was shattered into a zillion pieces i did not know what to do where to start and how to get back to my normal self , I could see I was no longer the same person something was departed in me and that was me accepting my self.

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I started to run , run away from everyone and everything , then I figured out that ” I saw just not sad was depressed ” when ever I talked about it they just thought i was making up an excuse to bunk collage and not interact when others. I was never take seriously. Then the real demons appeared anxiety , I also was a prey to panic attacks , sleep paralysis…. I had everything which took me towards self harm and destruction. One day i just had a thought, of me bring chirpy and jovial again, i wanted to end this I had to fight , It was my battle , My battle which i have to fight by myself and win.

My journey was not easy raging a battle to win my self back was not an easy task , it was demanding, I had to emotionally rebuild my self to put my self out there again and I went through it all alone. There were nights I cried my self to sleep , I needed care, concern , motivation to frame my self .

Then was the time i realized the value of self love and self healing, if you love your soul and nurture it it will heal you. I explored very thing I like embraced my skills in cooking , analyzing understanding people listing to them all these activities kept me focused and aligned ,helped me achieve peace , gave me new ways to love my self.

An Argument For Self-Love (With images) | Love art, Love ...

I grew into a better person, became more sensitive towards people and will get better everyday…. It took me a year and a half to heal, take your time to nurture and love yourself. It will happen <3……


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What if the person chasing all the wrong things and wrong relationships finally realize……..

There is nothing more scary than karma repeating it’s self …….

the history which finds comfort in re-scripting it’s self

The time (or) the infinity loop will coincide and then it pays back……

And then a never ending imprecation or a eternal blessing will be granted.

The Journey Begins

Thanks for joining me!

Good company in a journey makes the way seem shorter. — Izaak Walton

Every one out there who takes out time to check out my blog and motivate me to do better i thank every one of you from the bottom of my heart. I am not an excellent writer but i write what all my heart feels, the thoughts that emerge from my heart which always contradict with my mind. A war that is instituted by my mind and heart in with the chaos of my heart is either managed or shattered by my mind.