Mental health, why is it important

Mental health is most likely to be negated by the society. Talking about mental health is often considered to be a weakness and when you try explaining people who are not aware of trauma, anxiety, panic attacks this might sound bizzar to them. There is a difference between being sad and being depressed, both of these can never be compared or can’t be termed similar. People often mistake both of these to be similar.

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Sadness is human emotion there are degrees of sadness, pain and often people find it convenient to communicate and talk to their loved ones about this feeling, this state of mind generally fades away after a certain period. Depression is a mental state of a person, the suffer often finds it’s difficult to expression their feelings, they struggle to communicate with others about their feelings and explain their state of mind. Depression is a mental illness, if left untreated the effects would last a lifetime.

When a person is sad the feeling is very overwhelming and sadness is not chronic its a matter of time until we feel better, when dealing with sadness the person also has moments where he/she feels soothed and comforting. Depression is a whole different feeling when an individual is a victim of this mental state, they never feel comfortable, it effects all aspects of their life. Things which were once soothing, which were a source of happiness to them no longer are the same and mean the same.


Constant feeling of sadness.

Difficulty in sleeping , irregular sleep patterns.

Unwanted guilt , over thinking.

Difficulty in concentrating , often mood swings.

Suicidal thoughts, some times accompanied with actions.

Feeling worthless, loosing interest in things and activities which were once a source of pleasure.

Physical problems which include , body pains, headaches, joint pains.

These are some common symptoms we can see when a person is dealing with depression. These symptoms can also been seen while a person is dealing with sadness but don’t last more than two to three weeks, where as suicidal thoughts are a sigh of depression they do not raise in a person’s mind who is dealing with sadness.

They may pretend to be happy and very dynamic, as such nothing is bothering them, but when they start retrospecting incident due to overthinking it tends to take a disastrous turn giving them anxiety and panic attacks. When having and dealing with anxiety the individual’s mind subconsciously tends to give up on practicality and linear thinking allowing negativity and to take over. When suffering with a panic attack it’s suggested to confront with a person and be vocal about your thoughts, when suffering with a panic attacks a person becomes vulnerable about their condition, emotions and state of mind. It’s important for the other person to understand and support the one dealing with it.


Depression many occur during any age and the reason which causes this mental trauma differs from person to person. Some of the factors which may mentally damage a person’s mental state,

Abusive childhood or tormenting teenage.

Low self-esteem.

Lack of support and boost from friends and family.

Lacking the capability of cooping up with incidents that impacted tremendously in their life.


Let me put it out there, dealing with depression and coming out of it is nothing less than winning a battle. Firstly we have to understand the fact that everyone deals with it in a different way and no two ways of recovering are the same, means which worked for you may not work for the other one. The recovery phase may also vary, one may be healed in a span of a month or two and some one else may take a year or so. Understanding emotional stability and the power of resilience varies from person to person.

These are some things that may help while dealing with depression , anxiety and panic attacks.

Meditation; One of the most underrated method of mental healing is meditation, its a way where you connect with your own self. It helps you boost positivity and heals your soul, mind, and heart.

Travel; Travel to new destinations make plans and take trips, spend time admiring nature ”with positive thoughts”.

Read books; This might sound very cliche but reading books helps you clear you mind as books have the ability to keep you engaged, you get involved in them and may not have time to invite negative thoughts.

Talking to your loved ones; Initially when you have your outbursts its suggested that you talk to your close friends and family whom you feel comfortable sharing. Communication is the vital, because it helps the other person understand how you are exactly feeling.

If you feel nothing is helping , opt for medical help. Go for therapy. You are stronger than you think , you can deal with this and you are not alone.

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