Hurricane Hearts

Broken but beautiful

The line ”broken but beautiful” is a very strong line. What’s shattered into a million pieces is exquisitely beautiful. The pattern to rejoining and re-framing is extremity powerful. Some times we are so shattered that we pretend to live, pretend to stay happy and even pretend to forget. Chances are we also feel, we areContinue reading “Broken but beautiful”


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About Me

Hi, I’m sandy a 20 year old and I love writing, I write about mental health and why is it important. I try learning everything what life teaches me. I believe in a mantra ” a perfect balance of emotional and physical health makes a happy person”. I am a hopeless romantic I write articles on love and how important love is. Talking about these, life is never complete without food right? I curate recipes I bake and cook delectable and healthy food. I hope you enjoy reading my blog.

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