Kerala Elephant Death: Heartbroken Celebs Mourn Elephant Who Ate ...

I am addressing this with a very heavy heart, i formerly apologize if my writing is not chronologically framed , because i am all over the place now.

Yesterday, I came across a news. In India, Kerala a pregnant elephant was fed a pineapple filled with crackers!! can anyone imagine how painful it would be for a living being , a mother , a pregnant mother.!! i am really astound by human cruelty . She was wandering for food did not harm anyone in the village , even when her mouth was bleeding due to the crackers she went to the nearest river to sooth her bleeding mouth and burning stomach.She was just standing in the river and died…… can anyone imagine how helpless she felt. What must she be thinking, she might be cursing her self to trust humans , blaming her self to eat poison which was cover in elixir, may be she felt responsible for her child’s death.

Elephants are considered to the kindest of all animals , they are a ray of hope for wisdom and calmness in this world. And elephants have the longest pregnancy period 95 weeks! how precious should have the baby been to his or her mother.

We humans are very authoritative we are the most barbaric creatures, thinking this planet only belongs to us , REALLY ? this planet belongs to every creature living on this planet. Animal cruelty is a sin, it will never be forgiven. We will demolish our plant by continuing these kind of shameful and sinful activities. Say no to animal cruelty. Many wild animals are less wild and humans are lacking humanity, this kind of activities should not be overseen every living being must be severed justice . My heart is drenching in pain i am able of feels her pain , shameful. Heartbreaking.

Kerala: Pregnant Elephant Fed Pineapple Stuffed With Crackers ...

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