Masculine and Feminine Ways Of Expression

Cosmic Balance, Masculine and Feminine Principles, Part 3/7 ...

Ways of expression , they differ from person to person because psychologically every individual is different. Yes that’s absolutely true every individual has their own way of expression and naturally women are considered to be more expressive than men. Society being unambiguous and rigid has categorized men to be masculine and women to be feminine ,all strong and powerful words are attached to men such as aggressive, analytical , blunt , worldly and many more. Where as women are associated with delicate words like , nurturing, home oriented , gentle, indecisive. These are the words often used by gender stereotypes when they are asked to differentiate between a man and a women.

These words which differentiate a man and a women are not only making men think that they are tough and very stable but also makes them think men are not meant to express emotions , i have some men in my own life who consider emotions are not meant for men , this ideology will not only make them believe that expression is a feminine thing but will also lead them to toxic masculinity further transforming them into chauvinist.

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Why did not we normalize the concept of ”BOYS CAN’T CRY” its okey to be expressive, its okey to be a sensitive man who possess the ability to understands emotions. We all have said at least once to a man that ” bro be a man , guys don’t cry” rather than saying ”its okey you will be fine , please don’t cry”. In every possible situation we stopped men from expressing, when they burst out due to pain , fear, heartbreak just by saying MEN DON’T CRY. We never encouraged them to be transparent with their feelings and they don’t speak up.

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We did not encourage normalization of emotions, women and men are physically different but i strongly believe that we are gifted with same set of emotions and feelings , we have set boundaries and built restricting walls for their expression. Have you ever imagined how would the world be if we never categorized feelings and emotions , how easy would it be for men to let them selves out. It would be effortless for them to speak out about how are they feeling and what are they going through. As a progressive society we have to take a stand and break the typical stereotypes and generalizing emotional health. Dealing with mental health issues has no gender, it is accustomed for man to be depressed , having mental health issues ,its our responsibility to understand them and support them go through this , assuring them they are not alone.

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